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Meet your IFBB Pro Mr. Raze The Barr

Great Pros are great learners, Great Coaches are great listeners. My #1 goal is to analysts and be a motivator who puts their clients first and foremost. Great coaches recognize and adapt to the needs of the clients. With over 10 years of nutrition experience, training plans and working with the best athletes and trainers in the industry, I pride myself on getting you the best results on and off the stage.

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Lifestyle Coaching/Training Be a Better You

Raze The Barr Online Coaching and Personal training a recognized IFBB pro and leader. We are heavily goal-centric in our approach. My goal is to make a client’s body become extremely efficient, reduce inflammation, increase muscle responsiveness and recovery, to improve performance, longevity and energy as a result.

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Coaching Compeditors is not only a passion but its area of expertise. Performance ties in very closely with our strength and conditioning work. Each competitor has specific needs, goals and requirements to be the best on stage. We design a plan, for success during the off-season for growth and dial you in on peck week to bring your best for your show. I've been highly successful in the IFBB and can help you build a winning package.


Display your Best (Mens Physique and Classic Posing coach)

Do you neglect your posing? Proper presentation and practice is a vital part of every competitors. Displaying your Physique properly and often makes the difference between 1st and 2nd place. You've put in hundreds of hours training, show the world your art. With Classic & Mens Physique competitors to ensure their stage presentation is on point.



Full nutrition and supplementation programme based on scientific evidence. Detailed macronutrients set according to your own personal needs, and amended week on week.

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Raze The Barr

Do the work. Then show them.