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RazePro 30ft 1 1/12in Battle Rope or 40ft 2in

RazePro 30ft 1 1/12in Battle Rope or 40ft 2in

RazePro 30ft 1 1/12in Battle Rope or 40ft 2in

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Get Better Results in Less Time with Exciting Exercises –

Spice up your routine with your New Pro Battle Rope and Anchor Strap Set. Our premium ropes are designed for any fitness level, allowing for high-intensity workouts that target any and every muscle group, giving you the best strength and cardio benefits!

Get the perfect addition for muscle building, fat burning, home gym or complete body exercise.

With our Pro Battle Rope Set you will:

– Pack on lean mass with dynamic arm, back, chest, legs and core strength building.
– Boost stamina and cardiovascular endurance for performance and health benefits.
– Ditch the monotony of boring weights and slow-paced exercise and start slamming a rope

Make Your Training More Effective

Say no to expensive, boring equipment that only works one muscle at a time. Simply strap our battling rope to any object and start building functional strength. Utilize side-to-side movements to target your core and stability or circles to improve mobility and range of motion to boost athleticism while reducing your risk of injury.

What’s included?
✓ Pro Battle Rope with DuraMax Protective Sleeve and Coated Handles (1.5 or 2 inch thick 30 or 40 foot length)
✓ 2 Reinforced Heavy Duty Anchor Straps
✓ Stainless Steel Carabiner
✓ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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