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Raze1 LCD Percussion Massage Gun

Raze1 LCD Percussion Massage Gun

  • ✅ COMPLETELY REJUVENATES SORE MUSCLES AND ACHING JOINTS – Enjoy a deep and powerful massage by choosing from 14 different levels of intensity to suit your rapid recovery routine. With a robust motor that delivers high-penetration vibrations, the Muscle Volt therapy massage gun is designed to send waves of relaxation and relief throughout your body’s joints and muscles, promoting mobility and flexibility via trigger-point massage therapy.
  • ✅ SUPER QUIET AND PORTABLE – With two separate batteries, with a total of 5 hours on-the-go and a protective carrying case, we make it extremely easy for you to take your Muscle Volt massage gun cordless anywhere you like. It has a digital display and an ergonomic handle . With a convenient single-handed operation, comfortable ergonomic grip, and an almost soundless brushless motor, we make pre-workout, warm-ups, and post-workout cool downs a breeze.
  • ✅ TRUSTED BY ATHLETES, PERSONAL TRAINERS, AND PHYSICAL THERAPISTS – There’s a reason professional trainers and therapists across the world choose the Muscle Volt percussion massager to help their clients reach peak performance levels. Equipped with the power of an industry-leading 2,000 mAh battery for a rapid tension relief massager, 3,200RPMs, and 5 different heads for a rigorous deep tissue massage, the Muscle Volt has proved itself as a market leading muscle recovery gun.
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