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Building on the breakthrough innovation of Alpha King®, the scientists at Force Factor® sought to formulate a superior vitality and virility supplement. Their goal: engineer a testosterone booster that maximizes your chance of becoming the ideal man — the king of kings. Alpha King Supreme® is their legacy.

But what exactly does it take to loft men to supremacy? The researchers targeted four primary benefits:

  1. Deliver a boost to libido and desire unlike any previously experienced.
  2. Enable the ability to take advantage of this increased passion and drive with enhanced blood flow when and where you need it most, plus stamina to go the distance.
  3. Spark the masculinity and determination exhibited by the most confident, powerful men.
  4. Provide the muscle, strength, and presence of mind you need to command your realm.

All of this and more was encapsulated into a once-daily, easy-to-take formula. Most remarkably, Force Factor's scientists managed to pack some of the most premium men's health compounds into a single supplement. You would need to combine several disparate vitality products to achieve similar results, but the ingredient ratios would be all wrong.

If you are looking for the ultimate testosterone booster, you found it. Increased libido and lean muscle. Improved sexual performance, strength, and endurance. Less everyday stress, a better mood, and more mental clarity and alertness. For men not afraid to claim the throne and rise above, Alpha King Supreme is the formula for greatness.

UNLEASH YOUR POTENTIAL®Alpha King Supreme® contains elite ingredients, at precisely chosen dosages, to elevate your masculinity to new heights. Not only do the selected compounds individually influence the formula's results, but the ratio of the constituents to one another is also critical, and often overlooked in less worthy male vitality supplements.

500mg of AlphaFen® is included in every dose. A recent clinical study shows that this extra 100mg of fenugreek seed extract produces not only a meaningful boost to free testosterone in the gym, but also an increase in total testosterone. Simultaneously, AlphaFen works to decrease estrogen levels, bolster strength, and improve your mood.

KSM-66® is a proprietary ashwagandha root extract which additionally helps support total testosterone levels, increase strength and endurance, relieve everyday stress, and improve mental clarity and alertness. Simply put, the combination of AlphaFen and KSM-66 helps to make you more of the man you were meant to be.

Traditional sexual health ingredients like Macuna pruriens, DIM, and boron are included in carefully determined quantities alongside a vitality-enhancing blend of vitamins and minerals to further fortify your masculine supremacy.

But perhaps the best feature of Alpha King Supreme is the 1,500mg of L-citrulline, a vasodilating nitric oxide catalyst that increases blood flow to help you achieve mind-blowing sexual performance that's guaranteed to satisfy your partner.

Other testosterone boosters contain L-citrulline, but none we could find also include AstraGin®, a specialized ginseng extract specifically tasked with maximizing the absorption of L-citrulline. This helps ensure Alpha King Supreme's premium ingredients quickly and efficiently permeate your body, allowing you to fully Unleash Your Potential®.

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